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Music instruction and beyond

Dani Fiore Music encourages students to become better musicians while having fun and expanding personal growth in the process! Explore this site to find to find just what you're looking for. From drum and guitar lessons to transformative music-making experiences, there's something for everyone regardless of musical ability.


“Rhythm is the secret key to balance and belonging.”

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Dani Fiore

Dani is a multi-instrumentalist and Sound Therapist with a passion for drums, percussion, and bringing people together to make music! She got her start performing and teaching in the Asbury Park area of New Jersey before relocating to Central PA in 2007. Here, she thrives in collaboration with other musicians, bringing versatility and enthusiasm to every experience. Dani has worked with some of the area’s most talented artists and bands, (on stage and in the studio), across a variety of genres including: Shawan and the Wonton, Carly Clark, The Wild Hymns, Tenny and the Headroom, Janie Womack, Julie Moffitt, Kevin Bock, Indian Summer Jars, Eskimo Wave, and more! On many Sunday mornings, she is joyfully accompanying David M. Glasgow at the Unitarian Universalists of the Cumberland Valley in Boiling Springs. There at UUCV, she also facilitates a seasonal drum circle where participants are encouraged to have fun, find relief from stress and anxiety, and practice fearless self-expression while exploring group music making. Dani also enjoys performing in musical theatre for Open Stage of Harrisburg and Capital Area School for the Arts. In 2015, Dani created “Life in Rhythm” - a program of hands-on, educational, connective group hand drumming experiences designed to benefit ALL people regardless of musical ability.

Trained and certified by Jim Donovan, M. Ed. in Drum Circle leadership:
-Foundation Training (Level 1)
-Wellness, Team, and Social Connection (Level 2)
Drumming and Disabilities:
-Drumming and Autism Foundation Training (Level 1)

Certified Sound Therapist by Lana Ryder, LMT, HTA, AADP, URMT and Julie Moffitt, MM
-Fundamentals for using sound, voice, and music in the healing arts (Level 1)

Trained in Gong Resonance Therapy by Mike Tamburo of Crown of Eternity


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