“Tune souls instead of instruments; harmonize people instead of notes.”

Hazrat inayat khan  |  the music of life

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Life in Rhythm

Individual sessions

In therapeutic sessions, we utilize the drum as an aid to achieve mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Here, you will explore meditation, rhythmic breathing, chanting, sound healing, and creative expression in a safe and restorative space. Some of the benefits of this practice include: Relief from stress and anxiety, mental clarity and peace, better sleep, increased energy, and a more positive, connected state of mind. This is available to anyone, regardless of musical ability. I’d love to join you on the journey of becoming the next best version of yourself!

Resonate : sounds like wellness

We offer relaxing Sound immersions and combination Yoga and Sound Meditation workshops.

Resonate | Sounds like wellness. DaniFiore.com Classes hosted every first Friday at Just Plain Yoga, 1200 Market St, Lemoyne PA.


group rhythm workshops

Discover the transformative power of rhythm, connect with your community, and have fun exploring self-expression through drumming. In a drum circle or rhythm workshop, we drop in to the present and form new connections with others and within ourselves. You can expect to have a connective group music making experience and learn ways to reach a state of mental clarity and relaxation. These experiences are beginner-friendly and no drumming experience is needed!

I had the amazing opportunity to bring drumming to a Parkinson's Support Group. Thanks to Dani Fiore, who is an amazing drummer, music teacher and sound wellness coach!

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